Update 9/07/2021

Update 9/07/2021

Today, we have a special kind of update! As you now know, this is our first update that fully focuses on a previously released pack, giving it new life if you will. Today is the day for self-care for and with Spa Day!

Spa Day is all about relaxation and getting some well-deserved personal Sim time and wellness. With this update, we are adding some features that will help enhance this wellness experience that we hope you enjoy.

Along with these enhancements, we were also able to fix a few issues that were live and needed some care.

Thanks again for your continued support and feedback!

The new bug fix addresses the bug that was causing interaction to freeze when a Sim would bake a cake. There is also a ton of new content for all your Sims needs. You can now take your Sims camping and fishing in the great outdoors, and they will be able to fish and camp in the rain.